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BlueWater Science provides consultation and services on all issues regarding toxic and harmful algae blooms, including assessment, monitoring, short-term treatment and management strategies. We also provide field sampling and monitoring services, as well as a variety of analytical services.


Our services go beyond a simple water clean up; Every water body is unique. The key to restoring yours to a balanced state rests in understanding your water and the factor(s) causing it to be out of balance (harmful and toxic algal blooms represent a state of ecological imbalance). We work with clients to help them understand the underlying causes of harmful blooms, guide and assist them in the remediation process emphasizing scientifically sound and environmentally friendly approaches, and collaborate with them to develop sustainable management practices for the elimination of blooms and the prevention of future occurrences.


We offer a wide variety of analytical services to assist in dealing with harmful algal blooms. Our ‘soup to nuts’ services including designing and conducting monitoring efforts, experimental studies of bloom causes and effects, assistance in the choice and application of short-term mitigative approaches for algal blooms, design and implementation of sustainable management practices, and various specific analytical measurements including plankton identification/quantification, nutrient, elemental and algal/cyanobacterial toxin measurements.

Water Clean up


Toxic and noxious algal blooms have become more frequent and severe in recent decades, resulting in damage to ecosystems, increased health risks to humans and animals, and economic losses to affected communities. They have become an urgent concern for everyone. Read on to learn more about harmful algal blooms, their causes, associated risks, and emerging approaches to treat and prevent these problems.

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